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What status codes/ ratings codes may we report to the credit bureaus?

You may select the status code that property identifies the current condition of the account as of this month or the month you will be reporting.

Valid codes are:

NOTE: Third Party Collections/Factoring/Debt Purchasing Companies and Attorneys may only use codes 62, 93, and DA or DF.

05 – Account transferred to another office.
11 – Current Account (0-29 days past the due date).
13 – Paid or closed account/zero balance.
61 – Account paid in full, was a voluntary surrender.
62 – Account paid in full, was a collection account.
63 – Account paid in full, was repossession.
64 – Account paid in full, was a charge-off.
65 – Account paid in full. A foreclosure was started.
71 – Account 30 – 59 days past the due date.
78 – Account 60 – 89 days past the due date.
80 – Account 90 – 119 days past the due date.
82 – Account 120 – 149 days past the due date.
83 – Account 150 – 179 days past the due date.
84 – Account 180 days or more past the due date.
88 – Claim filed with the government for insured portion of balance on a defaulted loan.
89 – Deed received in lieu of foreclosure on a defaulted mortgage.
93 – Account seriously past due and/or assigned to internal or external collections.
94 – Foreclosure completed/credit grantor sold collateral to settle defaulted mortgage.
95 – Voluntary surrender – ** Please do not report status code 95 for early termination of leases. (Please See Special Comment options).
96 – Merchandise was repossessed by credit grantor; there may be a balance due.
97 – Unpaid balance reported as a loss by credit grantor (charge-off).
DA – Deletes entire account -(for reasons other than fraud).

a) Accounts which have been cancelled and returned to the original creditor. b) Accounts which have been forwarded or sold to another company or entity. c) Accounts reported in error.

DF- Delete entire account due to confirmed fraud (Account investigation completed).

Paid Derogatory accounts, such as collections, should be reported as paid; those accounts should not be deleted with a DA status.

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