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Are you required to be a member of the credit bureau(s) to report your credit information and what are the requirements?

Yes. Your office must have a data furnisher’s or service agreement with each credit bureau to which your office wishes to report credit account information. Each credit bureau has different requirements for minimum number of accounts for reporting. Please contact each credit reporting bureau you wish to report your account data into to verify how many accounts they will accept.

The credit bureaus require a Data Furnisher’s or Service Agreements for reporting accounts. This is a separate agreement from pulling credit reports. The credit bureaus also require a minimum number of accounts, even if you are reporting through Hutchins Systems, Inc. as a third party processor or any other processor. We have provided phone numbers and account minimum requirements below for each credit repository for your convenience.

EquifaxEquifax – Request Equifax sales to email you a new member package.

Minimum 500 open accounts with a balance to report directly to Equifax. Exceptions are made for Banks and Credit Unions which only require 100 accounts. If you are a mortgage company or are financing homes backed by any government agency you may be exempt from the 500 minimum accounts rule for reporting. Members of NABD/NIADA/BHPH are required to have only 50 accounts. Please call the Equifax sales department to find out their full details on their reporting requirements.

experianExperian – Request Experian sales to email you a new member package.
800-831-5614 Ext. 4
New members: Also remind sales that your office will need a subscriber number and a vendor identification number assigned (they will need to fill out a SQD form at Experian).
NO Minimum Account Volume Requirements. Please contact Experian Sales at the above number for a new membership package kit. Please be sure to request a Vendor Identification Number for reporting data to Experian direct. Hutchins Systems’ (Credit Time 2000©) Metro 2® credit reporting software has been approved by Experian as a preferred vendor for small to medium companies which only have a small to medium volume of account’s to report.

transunionTrans Union – Request Trans Union sales to email you a new member package.

866-922-2100 Ext. 3
The minimum requirement for reporting to Trans Union will be 100 accounts the first month only.

innovisInnovis – Request Innovis sales to email you a new member package.
Minimun 5,000 accounts for direct reporting.

Notice: The minimum number of accounts listed above may vary. Please contact each credit bureau you wish to report with and verify how many accounts they will accept for direct reporting or reporting through a 3rd party processor. Each credit bureau has their own policies for the minimum number of accounts to report and membership requirements. These policies may vary between regions and the type of business. Hutchins Systems, Inc. does not determine credit bureaus policies.

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Our Credit Time 2000® Metro 2® Credit Reporting Software allows any businesses to report consumer credit accounts and business commercial accounts to all of the national credit bureaus - Equifax, Experian, Innovis and Trans Union. We also support Metro 2® Credit Reporting to real-time credit bureaus with national coverage of alternative credit data. Our software is thoroughly tested and produces to the most error free files in the industry. Credit Time 2000® is recommended and accepted by all the National and Alternative Credit Bureaus.

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