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Are there hidden charges after I lease your Credit Time 2000© Metro 2® software that I will later be billed for?

All software companies should clearly define all costs for their support and upgrades before you make a decision to lease or purchase their Metro 2® credit reporting software. If you do not understand or it is not clearly define in their service agreement or on their web site, inquire about the three questions below directly:

a) What are the charges for support calls or with credit assistance issues? Do you bill per call, per minute, per hour? How am I going to be billed?
Hutchins Systems, Inc. – customer’s under an annual support plan or under a lease plan: There is no charge for the call or email, no matter how long it may take or how many are placed until the incident or incident’s are resolved.

b) How long does it take your office to respond to a call or email?
Hutchins Systems, Inc. customers:
During business hours: Usually immediately but no more than 1-2 or less hours.
After business hours (Monday – Thursday 10-5pm EST):
You may lease a message with support at 833-387-7545 × 2. Or go to our web site, select the contact button and enter your support request. Please allow 24-48 hours to respond (usually sooner).

c) If I call or email three times in one day for support, will I be billed for three different times?
Hutchins Systems, Inc. – Under support or lease, NO. No cost to you.
Many other vendor’s charge per minute or by the hour or by the call time, please be sure to check (and receive this in writing) how your support will be charged before leasing or purchasing your credit reporting software.

Credit Time 2000©’s lease includes:
a) Free unlimited phone and email support per year.
b) Each renewal of your license for use grant’s continued use of Credit Time 2000© and support.

If your office decides not to continue to report, or if you sell your business, just send us a 60 day written cancellation notice by certified mail and return your leased Credit Time 2000© software along with your manual’s.

Support fees charged by other software companies vary from one company to another, usually hourly rates or monthly, semi-annual or annual rates are charged for support issues. For example some Metro 2 software companies charge hourly support and you do not have to be under a support plan. Support calls from their clients can be as much $80.00 per hour. If you request 10 support calls, under one hour, over a year your comparable annual fee would be around $800.00. Hutchins Systems, Inc.‘s Credit Time 2000©’s $300.00 annual software license fee, (includes your phone and email support) allows you to request as many support incidents as your office needs without worrying about high support costs or blowing your budget. You totally control what you need with one fee with our annual lease or lease renewal option. We feel our annual renewable licensed fee for Credit Time 2000© is very competitive in today’s software market. Software companies must continuously upgrade their software products to work with the latest computer hardware and changes to operating system software. In addition to these changes, software companies must update their Metro 2 software with new required fields or special codes based on the credit bureaus or new Federal or State Laws that will impact consumers.

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Our Credit Time 2000® Metro 2® Credit Reporting Software allows any businesses to report consumer credit accounts and business commercial accounts to all of the national credit bureaus - Equifax, Experian, Innovis and Trans Union. We also support Metro 2® Credit Reporting to real-time credit bureaus with national coverage of alternative credit data. Our software is thoroughly tested and produces to the most error free files in the industry. Credit Time 2000® is recommended and accepted by all the National and Alternative Credit Bureaus.

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