Stack Processing Fees

  • $110.00 per bureau, initial bureau Setup Processing Report establishment with the credit bureaus.
  • Pre-Audit Review submission for your first month's Data Detailed Audit of your credit file sent to you with all the data entry correction errors that will need modification corrections.
    The first month's Data Detailed Audit is billable on a time and account basis. Each unit is one hour for a block of 1-500 accounts at a rate of $100.00 per (hour) unit block of accounts. Please estimate your Data Detailed Audit cost based on the number of accounts your office will be reporting the first month.
  • $330.00 deposit (3 x $110.00 per bureau) the first month with a signed service agreement. This deposit will be applied to your last three months of service after a 90 day cancellation notice has been received in writing by certified mail, return receipt requested.
  • $110.00 per month recurring billing charged to your credit card or invoiced each month for up to 900 reported account's per credit bureau. Additional charge $100.00 are billed per million bytes of data (per each additional 900 account block).

  • Please call us or email us for an estimate.
    Phone: 833-387-7545 x 0 Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm Eastern Standard Time.

  • Post-Bureau Review Audit submission from your first month's Data Audit (detailed account corrections to be completed by email prior to the initial data processing with each bureau) of your 1st credit file sent to your office. To include all the data entry errors for correction that will need to be corrected after a one on one comparison of your account data to your credit bureau’s national data base against each detailed account’s data entry information. (Accounts that may reject due to invalid data entry issues within your credit data file).

  • The first month's Post Bureau Review Audit is billable on a time and unit basis at $100.00 per hour.
  • Prices are subject to change with a 30 day notification sent to you by email or mailed to you with your monthly invoice.
  • Florida locations, please add a 7.5% Florida Sales Tax Use Fee.

  • Summary:
    $100.00 per bureau, initial bureau Setup Processing Report
    $110.00 (up to 500 accounts) Pre-Audit Review
    $330.00 Deposit (90 days – 3 month’s processing).
    $110.00 per month credit data processing (up to 900 accounts).
    $100.00 Post-Bureau Audit (1-25 errors from account comparison per credit bureau).
    ** Florida companies, please add 7.5% Sales Tax.
    1st month processing - Total: $740.00 1st credit bureau.
    $530.00 each additional credit bureau
    2nd and each additional month’s processing –
    1st bureau $110.00 (up to 900 accounts).
    $100.00 (each additional 900 accounts).
    Date: 04-27-2015

Our Credit Time 2000® Metro 2® Credit Reporting Software allows any businesses to report consumer credit accounts and business commercial accounts to all of the national credit bureaus - Equifax, Experian, Innovis and Trans Union. We also support Metro 2® Credit Reporting to real-time credit bureaus with national coverage of alternative credit data. Our software is thoroughly tested and produces to the most error free files in the industry. Credit Time 2000® is recommended and accepted by all the National and Alternative Credit Bureaus.

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